Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring for Mimosa By m.e.

Milky Coral Necklace ~ Madeline Ellis

As a girl on a budget, I always get a burst of excitement when I find an artist that not only makes charming pieces, but also offers them at an affordable price. Madeline Ellis, the creator behind the winsome jewelry collection, Mimosa By m.e., embodies exactly those qualities to great success. Mimosa By m.e. produces delightfully sunny, ceramic jewelry that is hand-carved, hand painted, and kiln-fired by Madeline. The pieces are so chipper they exude springtime even on the frostiest day. Plus, buying them won't burn a hole in your pocket! 

Vintage Bunting Flag Necklace

 Dandy Dandelions Stud Earrings

Madeline's entire shop is one that I would love to fill my jewelry box.  The Milky Coral Necklace up top is a fun nod to summers on the beach without harming any actual wildlife. Plus, if you spend the warmer months among cement and skyscrapers (as I do), then it's a small investment that will bring the ocean waters to you. Think of how beautiful it would look paired with a strapless summer dress! Similarly, the cheerful Dandy Dandelions Stud Earrings above will give even the most serious office attire a dose of a warmth.

Turquoise Faceted Dangle Earrings

 Gold Faceted Stud Earrings

Creating stud-sized earrings that provide interest and allure is a tough thing. However, Mimosa By m.e.'s are so brilliant their personality outshines their size. Madeline has a number of faceted earrings that are simple enough to be easily coordinated, but spirited enough to catch the eye. The Gold Faceted Stud Earrings above are actually glazed in 24k gold giving them a glamourous shine. However, if you desire a slightly different flair, then one of Madeline's many, brightly colored faceted studs below might do trick. She captures color so stunningly!

Green Faceted Earrings

Cobalt Facets

Orange Faceted Stud Earrings

Moss Green Facets

If dangly earrings are more your speed, then you might find yourself drawn to Madeline's lengthier pieces. I love the 60's mod look of her Lime Time Dangle Earrings. I can just picture them: swept up hair, charcoal eyes, A-line dress. Brigitte Bardot herself would have snatched them up. Of course, there's plenty more to choose from as you can see below.

Lime Time Dangle Earrings

Turquoise Peacock Dangle Earrings

 Spring Pink Earrings

 Grey Elephants Never Forget Earrings

Tiger on the Geaux Dangle Earrings

The best part about Mimosa By m.e. is that in addition to creating lovable jewelry, Madeline donates 10% of all quarterly earnings to Cambodia Children's Sanctuary.  Thus, any purchase you make will not only feel like a sweet gift to yourself, but also a thoughtful donation to someone in need. That's a victory for all! 

You can visit Mimosa By m.e.'s Etsy Shop to see more of Madeline Ellis' artwork and make a conscientious purchase. What are your favorite pieces? Know any other charitable artists you recommend?  As always, feel free to share!

*All photos for this post were taken from Mimosa By m.e.'s Etsy Shop

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