Friday, March 16, 2012

Catherine Campbell ~ The Magic of Women

"Black Stars" ~ Catherine Campbell

Every so often I come across artists who makes me proud to be a woman. Catherine Campbell is one of those artists. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Catherine creates magical art that in my eye celebrates the mysticism and power of women. Her mixed media creations are incredible melanges of pen, watercolor, collage work, and more. I love how the poncho in "Black Stars" above looks practically quilted on to the page.

"Sometimes of the Land" ~ Catherine Campbell

Catherine's prints honor the power and vulnerability of women. In some prints, like "Owl in the Attic" below, creatures who often appear supernatural seem to dance their way into the lives of the women she portrays. These images, for me, evoke an intuitive bond between women and the ecological and metaphysical worlds. They appear to be quietly, but spiritedly taking action. 

"Owl in the Attic" ~ Catherine Campbell

In another series, Catherine seems to portray young women just at the cusp of adulthood. It's as though you are peering into the tiny, sparse moments in their minds where they are just beginning to try their lives on for size. It reminds of that saying, "With great power comes great responsibility." 

"Dressing for a Full Moon" ~ Catherine Campbell

"Spring Heralds" ~ Catherine Campbell

"Sticks and Stones" ~ Catherine Campbell

The confident stoicism that emanates from the women in the prints below is dusted with a hint of secret intelligence. These women have embraced their lives, made them their own. Furthermore, they know something that you don't. But if you are patient and open, you might just be able to follow their lead.

"In the Pines" ~ Catherine Campbell

"Like Foxes Through Fences" ~ Catherine Campbell

I love that Catherine also appears to have a deep appreciation for and influence from Native American culture, as well as a number of cultures from around the world. For me that only adds the sensation of interconnectedness and sisterhood that pulses through each piece. One more quality I find so empowering. I see hints of Native, Eastern European, Asian, and Spanish inspirations in the pieces below.

 "Antoinette"~ Catherine Campbell

 "Eternal Muse" ~ Catherine Campbell

"There Used to Be a Girl" ~ Catherine Campbell

"Jane" ~ Catherine Campbell

I've only just touched the tip of the iceberg here. Catherine's portfolio extends far beyond the beautiful pieces I've shared so far. When I last read her enthralling blog (she posts such inspiring tidbits), she was watching a recent book illustration project finally take shape, and even taking on an intricate embroidery project which you can catch a glimpse of below.

Embroidery in progress ~ Catherine Campbell

What do you think of Catherine Campbell's work? Do you see different themes? I'd love to hear your thoughts! And since the weekend is just about here, may these last Catherine Campbell prints, The Owl and Pussycat Go to Sea, be clever winks that get going on the good foot!

*All photos in this post where taken from Catherine Campbell's blog and Etsy shop. Plus, you can keep track of Catherine on a number of different sites!


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