Monday, March 26, 2012

Christina Romeo ~ The Story of Life As We Know It

Prime ~ Christina Romeo

I'm no art expert. I have no real understanding of technique. However, I know what I feel, I know what I like, and I know that I always gravitate towards works that have emotional resonance for me. That is why I have grown so fond of the work of Christina Romeo. Her beautiful abstracts which pair complex, and at times dark, themes with light and airy pigments unlock deep-seated, competing emotions in me. Each time I look at one of her pieces, I find myself contemplating the circle of life- the beginning, the end, and the journey in between.

No. 48 ~ Christina Romeo

D3 ~ Christina Romeo

Abloom Series ~ Christina Romeo

Abloom Series ~ Christina Romeo

Hollow Resolution ~ Christina Romeo

Romeo works with various media. Her "Abloom Series," some of which is pictured above, employs watercolor, acrylic paint, pen, and embroidery on watercolor paper. The result are ethereal botanical illustrations that on one hand feel like biological studies teeming with bursting cells- the science of life. On the other hand, the dynamic reds and pinks and oranges that punctuate each illustration resemble throbbing emotional centers- the hearts and souls of each plant. It's like seeing plants' left and rights brains splattered before you if they had any. I love them all, but I'm partial to "Hollow Resolution." I love how the two pods are interconnected and pulsating. I can feel the connection in my own heart.

Deceit ~ Christina Romeo

 Escape 253 ~ Christina Romeo
Dust ~ Christina Romeo

Escape ~ Christina Romeo

I am equally drawn to Romeo's abstract collection. Depending on the piece, I find myself slipping into stories I've concocted. In "Escape 253," above, I escape the hectic city looming in the background and disappear into the undiscovered openness. In "Dust," jazz-like organisms dance about in a kind of unappreciated underworld. In all of Romeo's abstracts I sense the emotional tensions of frenetic life forms seeking a voice, recognition, escape, some kind of peace amid chaos. I don't know if that's what she's really intending to depict, but that's what I see.

Float ~ Christina Romeo

T20 ~ Christina Romeo
Ascend ~ Christina Romeo

Christina Romeo's body of work is quite extensive and diverse. She has an entire series of portraits, mixed media portraits, and more. However, in everything I see of hers, I always go back to the theme of the rise and fall of tides. Life is a ball yarn that stretches out across time in free form. Along the way there is happiness, darkness, growth, decay, light, dark, and everything in between. Just as in "Idle" at the base of this post, I feel like we are creatures floating, finding our way through space, bound to a strange combination of choice and fate. Some people might find that dark, but I think it's a loving and bewitching thought.

Old Red Barn ~ Christina Romeo

Window to My Soul ~ Christina Romeo

Idle ~ Christina Romeo

If you enjoy Christina Romeo's work as much as I do, you can peruse her extensive collections on her website, Christina Romeo, become a fan on Facebook, follow her blog or Tumblr, and even make purchases at her Etsy Shop

Do you have different interpretations of her work? Feel free to share!

*All photos were taken from Christina Romeo's personal website and Etsy Shop.


  1. Hollow Resolution is my favorite. Reminds me of poppies...and Italy.

  2. Really love what you've created. Love that you are following your feeling.
    interested in the way you have used stitch in your work too...

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