Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing into Spring!

With New York feeling as balmy as the Florida coast, and Brooklyn's tree-lined sidewalks bursting in blooms, I have plants and renewal on the mind. Thus, I thought I'd dedicate this post to the indoor gardener. What better way to toast spring, than to bring it inside with you?  Plus, with so many slick and crafty planters out there, you're bound to find something that will liven up your space, even if the green on the inside doesn't make it through the season.

Lately, I've been seeing so many cool and inventive ways to house ephiphytes, or as they're commonly known, air plants. They're the perfect bit of verdure for the green thumb challenged. They can take lots of neglect, take up little space, and you can stick them in just about anything. One trend I'm digging is the animal planter. I love the grown-up feel of the Pink Giraffe Animal Plater by Coastal Moss at the top of the page. For a touch of punk, the Air Plant Triceratops Garden by EarthSeaWarrior is a winner. But for a simpler, more modern approach, the Round Hanging Air Planter by Ingleside Pottery below is a sleek and minimal alternative. Perhaps more unexpected, is what I see as an elegant take on the whiffle ball, the Air Plant Pod Holder by iloveairpods.

Another hardy plant alternative to work with is a succulent. There are so many varieties of them, and so many fascinating shapes and colors they can take, the options are endless. That's true for planters too. Here are some of my favorites of the moment. For a bold, geometric take on timeless terra cotta, The Faceted Planter by mgmy is my top pick. It's hard to beat the beautiful color contrast terra cotta offers, and mgmy offers a funky twist on the traditional. If a hanging pot is what you're after, the Hanging Sphere Porcelain Planter by Tokyo Craft Studios is my favorite. Understated and light, it's bound to make your plants look effortlessly beautiful. And because I have a deep love of concrete, I had to include Pen and Stone Supply Co.'s beautifully cast, CRESCERE Cast Concrete Succulent Pots

Of course, as many gardeners will tell you, just about anything can become a planter. I run across creative ideas all the time for ways to house plants. One of my favorites of the moment is Notty Pooch's Planter No. 37 made from a Recycled Billboard Banner. It's bright, cheerful, unexpected, and even better, made of salvaged materials. Unlike Found Beauty Studio, I never would have thought to use a martini shaker as a planter, but their Sedum in an Upcycled Martini Shaker is enough to make me want to try this at home. So smart! However, if you want to get just a bit dirtier, then I recommend the rugged and industrial, Steampunk Trash Can or Plant Container made from Recycled Metal by Paula Art. Looking at this heavy duty S.O.B., it's hard to fathom how much work Paula put into hauling the 38 lbs of scrap metal from her backyard to make it! What's certain though, is that it looks awesome, it'll last you a lifetime, and your plants will love how much space they have to grow.

Are you getting ready to do any planting in celebration of Spring? Found any cool pots, or have clever ideas up your sleeve? Let me know; I'd love to hear!

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