Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Punch up Your Style with Au Retour

Shape Study Red-Orange Pillow Cover

Working from home, it's always a challenge to have my workspace in tip top shape. With my bedroom doubling as my office, it's tough to go from organized work desk to catch-all and back to repository again on a day to day basis. But even tougher, is making sure that my back doesn't crumble from the hours spent hunched over my keyboard, staring at my computer screen. Enter solution: a new, graphic pillow from Au Retour of Brooklyn. 

Clay Shapes Pillow Cover

Of the many stylish pillow covers I looked at in the last few weeks, my far an away favorites came from the artistic selection at Au Retour. Looking at the seemingly painted-on prints, it's hard to decide if these textiles belong over pillows or hanging in a frame on your wall. The vibrant tones and modern miscellany of shapes feel industrial and cheerful at once. 

Shore Drive Pillow Cover

The styles at Au Retour would clearly feel at home in any hip, New York loft, but I hardly think that's the limit of their use. My room is definitely a mishmash of vintage and handmade styles. Yet I'm quite sure that while the Double Chevron Pillow Cover I purchased is going to add a punchy splash to my desk chair, it is minimalist enough to harmonize with the rest of the room.

Double Chevron Pillow Cover

Au Retour also makes canvas bags in their funky fresh prints. Following the same recipe of abstract and peppy, the bags would be appropriate carryalls for anyone, male or female: the weekend record collector, the green market foodie, the ad agency exec, the serious bibliophile, and the list goes on. 

Normandie Tote in Red and Royal Blue

Four Corners Tote in Black and White

Floating Shapes Tote in Pink and Orange

I'm excited to see my new pillow cover in all its glory in a few days. Not only will it make writing these posts a much comfier experience, I am looking forward to the zap of energy it will give my room. 

Are you looking for a dose of caffeine to spice up your work or living space? What do you think of Au Retour's eye-catching prints?  If so, become a fan on Au Retour's Facebook page!

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