Monday, September 17, 2012

For the Love of Writing

Woodgrain Eco Sketch Book- Poketo

Today I'm working hard on a screenplay that I recently began.  I'm meeting up with my former screenwriting instructor in a little while to go over some of my ideas and my progress, so I have to buckle down and focus so that I'm prepared.  However, my writing inspired me to share with you some of favorite writing notebooks.  If it's not already obvious how much I love journals, I think this will give you an idea of how much time I spend thinking about them!

Woodgrain Eco Sketch book- Poketo

Poketo is one of my favorite sources for awesome paper products, and most especially, notebooks.  I absolutely love, love love the Woodgrain Eco Sketch book (top two photos).  I've been ogling it for months!  I love that feeling of looking at a blank page and having an open canvas to pour your thoughts on. Plus, that woodgrain cover is so beautiful.

Lines Notebooks from Poketo

Sometimes I do enjoy the idea of compartmentalizing my scatterbrained thoughts, which is why I find myself coveting Poketo's Lines Notebooks. You can still write as the ideas come, but you can harness them a bit by keeping them in different areas on the page.  I also recommend this Multi-Notebook from Rezon. I use it quite a bit on days where I want to tackle to-do lists while I jot down grocery notes, and all the while entertain my creative bursts. With this notebook you can do it all on just one page!

Multi Notebook- Rezon

Grid paper is another favorite medium. I think it's really the best when you either need to make precise drawings, or take very organized notes. Back in school I found it so much easier to read my notes and keep them organized when I used grid paper. Poketo's Eco A5 Notebook is a lovely, little, slim grid journal that you can tote anywhere. Currently, I'm using a Dia Grid Notebook that my sister bought me on trip upstate to the Dia Beacon. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to it in their bookshop, but basically it's a larger, thicker version of the A5. 

Eco A5 Notebook- Poketo

A beautiful cover will always steal away my heart. Here are some more favorites in that category. You'll see a lot of Rifle Paper Co because I really admire how wonderfully they use color.  They truly have some of the best stationary and paper products out there and their journals are no exception.  I actually just bought a little bundle of gorgeous ones the other day.  Can't wait to start using them.

Classmate Notebooks- Poketo

Gold Foil Pocket Notebooks- Rifle Paper Co.

Moss Garden Pocket Notebooks- Rifle Paper Co.

Botanical Journal- Rifle Paper Co.

Marbled Journal- Anthropologie

What are your favorite journals and notebooks? 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Lust: Paper Mojo

I haven't been writing much because my life has been consumed with a number of other things lately.  However, I'm trying to get back on the wagon!  I thought that on this beautiful Friday afternoon, I would celebrate life by looking at gorgeous paper prints from Paper Mojo.  I've been envisioning different projects with these different prints.

Ikat in Purple, Tan and Gold

Would love to cover a jewelry box in this gorgeous Ikat print.  It's so classy and shiny I can hardly resist it.  If I were a talented Origamist I would attempt to make actual jewelry with it!

Chevron Print Lotka Paper- Gold on Black

This I can see this Chevron print in so many places including as a beautiful journal cover.  It's got that irresistible classic glamour.  Makes me want to grab a martini glass and have a vodka gimlet.

Zebra Print Lotka Paper

I'm not one of those girls that loves animal prints on anything, but I would love to cover some aluminum cans with this.  It would instantly turn boring office containers for pens, pencils, paint brushes and the like into hip eye-catchers.

Rossi Tradewind Classics- Peacock Feathers

I'm a sucker for peacock feathers and their rich colors.  However, I'm especially loving this Rossi Tradewind Classic because it breaks out of the typical colors.  I would love to cover some balsa wood sheets with this print, seal them, and presto!  I would have good, sturdy and above all, stylish placemats!

Here are some more lovely prints!

Rossi Tuscan Print Paper- Medieval Stencil

Chiyogami- Painted Daisies on Acqua

Katazome-shi- Tribal Pattern

Pirouetted Marble Paper- Purple, Yellow, Lilac

What are your favorites?!  What would you do?

*All photos from Paper Mojo.