Thursday, March 15, 2012

Natalie Stopka is Otherworldly

Handwoven Book by Natalie Stopka

I'm a nostalgic person. I loves antiques, bookshelves filled with books (no Nook for me), and handmade journals I can fill with scribbles. I like stories, and colors, and textures, and tactile objects. And for these reasons and more I've become terribly smitten with bookbinder and illustrator, Natalie Stopka's handmade creations. Her collection of journals, albums, print folios and more, are the careful products of hand dyed fabrics, vintage textiles, and impeccable bookbinding techniques. 

Pair of Tweed Pocket Journals

Years ago I traveled to Italy where I first fell in love with fine bookbinding. I couldn't get enough of the handmade journals I encountered everywhere I went. I think in Natalie Stopka I've found a stateside alternative equally deserving of admiration. All of her works elicit an aura of other-worldliness, an attractive lightness. It's as if her cozy, Tweed Pocket Journals make writing all the more inspired and satisfying.

Ombre Linen Book in Peach and Grey with Lined Pages

Hand-dyed and hand-bound, this Ombre Linen Book is awe-inspiring. I would love to spend afternoons sitting in a cafe with this airy little journal. I can already imagine how it must feel to run your fingers along the marvelous fabric.  And speaking of marvelous...

Journal in Heather and Gold Marbled Silk

This stunning Journal in Heather and Gold Marbled Silk is made from dupioni silk that was hand-marbled by Natalie. Can you believe your eyes? If that's not sufficiently impressive, check out Natalie's handiwork in the Guest Book below. That is a hand stitched, gold thread, chevron pattern you see before you. Wow. 

Guest Book in Espresso and Gold Chevron Embroidery

Apart from having an Etsy shop called Natalie As Is that will leave you ooh-ing and ahh-ing, Natalie also has a fascinating blog where you can see all her latest artistic endeavors. It's a beautiful site and will let you further appreciate the incredible handmade specimens she produces. I can't wait to see what these exquisite marbled papers I found on her blog will end up on.

What do you think of Natalie Stopka? Do you know any outstanding textile printers and bookbinders you'd like to share? I'll leave you with this sweet, little art folio as a parting image. Can you feel yourself fall into another time? I can.

Print Folio, How-To

*All photos were pulled from Natalie Stopka's Etsy Shop and Blog.

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  1. Oh my god. Her work is truly exquisite. When I saw the pics of the marbled paper, a little voice in my head said "WOW."