Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Must Speak of BESPOKE Glass Tile

One of my favorite weekend activities is to take a stroll to the Brooklyn Flea, the mecca for Brooklyn artists selling their wares. Though I've been hundreds of times, strolling through the aisles of vintage vendors and artists' tables never gets old. I love to ooh and ahh and discover new treasures, and two weekends ago I did just that. BESPOKE Glass Tile is the brainchild of Lesley Green and Ellen Creighton, two very talented women who met while studying Architectural Conservation at the Edinburgh College of Art. Together they run an incredible, environmentally friendly business offering handmade, ready to purchase glass tile art, as well as DIY kits to do your own glass tile projects in your home. Their handiwork is truly captivating, and as I stood in front of their booth I found myself yearning to take a piece home. Alas, I knew I shouldn't spend any money. So I didn't. Yet.

I am so attracted to the patterns and colorways that BESPOKE employs. They do such a nice job sourcing richly colored, fine quality recycled glass tile. They then use recycled wood and salvaged architectural materials as their base for their clever patterns and gorgeous craftsmanship. How remarkable are the pint-sized Helicopter Small Drawers above? It's almost a shame to put anything in them, the glass is so striking.

While at the fair, I was particularly drawn to the elegantly tiled, Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray, pictured above with the green diamond pattern on a white background called Deco IV. It was such a standout in their display. I had visions of myself hosting a Mad Men party with fabulous cocktails in glass tumblers as served from my stylish new tray. However, once on BESPOKE's Tumblr page, I found another one I loved even more (below). This blue-aqua triangle patterned tray doesn't seem to be in stock, but given BESPOKE's many ordering options I'm sure I could have something like it custom made.

Speaking of custom made, the pattern and colorway blends at BESPOKE are endless. In addition to offering a number of patterns in categories they term, "Deco," "Classics," and "Eccentricities," they also have a big selection of colorways, or color combinations, that you can elect for each pattern. For example, check out a few of the many different colorways this star-like pattern, a.k.a. Deco I, has to offer. 

If I went DIY, I would choose this swirly yellow pattern on a white background. It would make such an awesome kitchen backsplash!

Of course, I do like this one for a more understated and rustic approach.

If you do end up opting for BESPOKE's DIY route, but you've never installed glass or tile on your own, never fear. They have a such a handy website with great instructions and lots of helpful FAQs and hints. Before you know it, you'll be able to turn this-

Into this-

Into this!

To take home your own BESPOKE Glass Tile creations, visit them at the Brooklyn Flea, which for one more week will be housed at the Syklight One Hanson in Fort Greene. Or, make your purchases at their Etsy Shop. For custom DIY glass tile orders, visit their main website.

Got any great glass tile projects on your mind? Please share!

*All photos were taken from BESPOKE Glass Tile's Tumblr page and Etsy Shop.


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