Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New (Old) Music Tuesdays: The Classic Example

Record Cover, The Classic Example, 1972 (GSF)

A couple of months ago I was sitting at my computer (as I am prone to do), scrolling through YouTube videos of old soul music, (as I am prone to do), when something extraordinary happened. I wandered on to the YouTube video of a song called "Without You" by the 1972 duo, The Classic Example (GSF). Instantly, I was mesmerized. I played the song on repeat probably 10 times in a row. I couldn't get enough! The Marvin and Tammi-esque love song with its sweet strings, lazy heartbeat of a drumbeat, and mounting swells that slide back into a starry-eyed stride were utterly entrancing. Check it out below.

"Without You" - The Classic Example, 1972 (GSF)

Thanks to "Without You" I had a new mission: find out everything I could about this mysterious duo. I searched blogs, checked eBay for records, read past auction results, and even asked my badass soul DJ friend, Nydia Ines Davila, if she had any info to share. Frustratingly, my discoveries amounted to a few measly facts I read off of popsike: The one-shot 1972 album was produced by Mickey Stevenson and Curtis Colbert on GSF Records and the names of the main singers are unknown. This Soulful Detroit message board has some more speculations you can entertain, but again, not a whole lot to go on.

"Punish Me"- The Classic Example, 1972 (GSF)

My search hit a wall yet again when I ordered the cheaper of only 2 records I could find for sale anywhere; The more expensive going for $200 on eBay is way out of my price range! It arrived... broken! So, so sad. As you can see I still don't know much about The Classic Example, but I have been able to find a few more tracks to enjoy here and there. "Punish Me" (above) features some definite Marvin Gaye-esque vocals, Motown-like backing vox, and even a touch of The Precisions

Aside from those videos I was able to track down a few songs that you rip or stream from links embedded in the full track listing below:

01 That's Groovy
02 Without You 
03 Punish Me
04 If You Want Me To Leave
05 Little By Little
06 We Got A Thing Going On
07 I Found Me A Girl
08 Hey There Little Girl
09 My Friend Heartaches
10 Just Another Lonely Night

Of the songs I was able to find, "That's Groovy," comes the closest to the honey-dripped melody of "Without You." As warmer days approach, you can bet I'll be listening to these two, smooth-flowing tunes, enjoying the hot sun, and taking in the slowness of summer.

Do you know anything about The Classic Example? If so, please share!

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