Monday, March 19, 2012

Pipe Dreams with Stella Bleu Designs

Industrial Pipe Light This Way That Way- Stella Bleu Designs

Fun. Quirky. Practical. Crafty. Such is the brilliant handiwork of Stella Bleu Designs, an industrial shelving and decor collection by artist, Katie Katzenmeyer. For the space challenged and design-attune, Stella Bleu Designs is a hip and well-made alternative to run-of-the-mill shelving and storage solutions. Based in Dallas, Katzenmeyer sources all of her salvaged materials from locally-owned businesses. Plus, each unit is made to order and beautifully welded, guaranteeing originality and longevity in your investment.

Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

One of my favorite pieces is this Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf above. It's such a clever, stylish, and minimalist way to solve the issue of dead space in a dusty corner. As any New Yorker will attest, every nook and cranny is valuable real estate, and this shelf is a testament to that fact. 

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf Mr. X

I love how many of Stella Bleu's pieces offer versatility without being over-designed. How cool is this Industrial Pipe Bookshelf Mr. X? You can stack books in all sort of ways, and yet the piece is still simple enough that it still feels clean, not cluttered. Similarly, the Industrial Floor Lamp Bookshelf is not only a modern light fixture, but also a handy little bookshelf, perfect for cozying up in an armchair for a good read.

Industrial Floor Lamp Bookshelf

Floor Lamp Bookshelf Industrial Pipe

Live in an apartment with insufficient, or maybe even no closet space? Then you might find this Industrial Garment Rack Double Level a useful option that you won't mind showing off. In fact, hanging your clothes and belongings on this sculptural piece might soon have all your friends wishing they too had storage problems.

Industrial Garment Rack Double Level

Because the materials are salvaged, I find that the lived-in look of each piece makes it feel warm and cozy, despite being made of industrial components. Personally, I have my eye on the Industrial Pipe Shelf Level 3 Wood below. Though, honestly, browsing Stella Bleu's shop, I end up swooning over just about everything.

 Industrial Pipe Shelf Level 3 Wood

Bookshelf Industrial Pipe with Lighting

 Industrial Pipe Coat Rack

How about this Industrial Pipe Coat Rack above or the Gym Floor Coat Rack below in a mud room, or front entryway? Or, if you don't have much space to expand horizontally, make use of your vertical space with the Industrial Garment Rack Hanging. Goodbye clutter; Hello tableau vivant.

Gym Floor Coat Rack

Industrial Garment Rack Hanging

If you are drowning in books as I am, then you will find the many bookshelf options particularly appealing. Truthfully, if I had one of these in my home, I would probably use it as an excuse to get even more books. Hey, reading is good for you, right?

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf 2 Way

Bookshelf Industrial Pipe Level 2

Industrial Pipe Shelf with Lighting

You can purchase Stella Bleu pieces on both on their main website, Stella Bleu Designs, and in their Etsy Shop. Besides the models they have available to choose from, they also do custom work. In fact, according to Katzenmeyer (on the Stella Bleu website) that's her favorite sort of job. Hearing that makes me slip into thoughts of re-doing my whole kitchen with her as my design partner. Can you imagine?... Ah, pipe dreams... 

What do you think? Have any clever uses for Stella Bleu pieces? Share your thoughts!

*All photos taken from Stella Bleu Designs Etsy Shop.

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