Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Time For an Outdoor Party!

Reef Outdoor Furniture Collection ~ Crate and Barrel

As the days get increasingly warmer here in New York, I'm feeling more and more drawn to outdoor party-ware. I'm not big on corporate chains, but occasionally I'll wander into a large retailer to check out their offerings. A couple of days ago, with summer and fresh air on the brain, I decided to pop in Crate and Barrel and see what they had in store. As it turns out, there are quite a few little barbecue season finds to be had. For starters, the eco-friendly, solid teak, Reef Outdoor Furniture Collection (above) is pretty eye-catching. I like its stream-lined, mid-century design. Paired with that lustrous and durable teak, it feels like it will last a lifetime and always be in style. Plus, I appreciate that the wood is soundly harvested. Now, if only I had that sprawling patio...

Marimekko Puutarha Tablecloth ~ Crate and Barrel

I'm love the art of table decorating, so no outdoor party would be complete without the decorative fixings. How about this sunny Marimekko Puutarha Tablecloth? It's such a perfect celebration of spring. I absolutely love it.

Miguel Glasses Collection ~ Crate and Barrel

Drinks are an important ingredient to any fete, thus you need great drinkware. This Miguel Glasses Collection won my heart for a host of reasons. I took a couple of the Highball Glasses home! The lightly tinted glasses are handmade and hand-shaped in Mexico out of 100% recycled glass giving each glass have a distinct silhouette and weight. Also, I guzzle water all day long, so I love a glass that will let me sit awhile before having to get up and refill it. The Miguel Collection fits the bill. I felt very proud of my birth country as I made my purchase: A+ for design, quality, environmentalism, and practicality.

Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla Green Pitcher ~ Crate and Barrel 

This Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla Green Pitcher is a casual, cool find. It's slightly funky, but still relaxed, and its translucent green plays off the Marimekko tablecloth and tinted Miguel glasses above. With these tabletop finds, our spring, outdoor party table would be happily rounded out: The Acacia Natural Rectangular Platter for grilled goods, the Marin Green Plates for dining on, the Evelise Green Round Baskets Set of Three for bread and rolls, the Marimekko Oiva White Serving Pot for tasty sides, and (though it's really for plants) the Regatta Folding Plant Stand as a chic drink station.

Acacia Natural Rectangular Platter ~ Crate and Barrel

Marin Green Dinner Plate ~ Crate and Barrel

Evelise Green Round Baskets Set of Three ~ Crate and Barrel

Marimekko Oiva White Serving Pot ~ Crate and Barrel

Regatta Folding Plant Stand ~ Crate and Barrel

As a final touch, how about a centerpiece of fresh potted herbs in this Lilla 4" Purple Planter? The creamy lilac is a sweet contrast that will make greens pop, and the aroma of fresh herbs will add another dimension to your outdoor dining experience. Add a couple of Marimekko Lokki Pillows, a festive playlist, some Sagano Scented Candles, and the party is set!

 Lilla 4" Purple Planter ~ Crate and Barrel

 Marimekko Lokki 20" Pillow ~ Crate and Barrel

Sagano Scented Candle ~ Crate and Barrel

What are you doing to celebrate Spring? Have any great tips? Please share!

*All photos are from Crate and Barrel's website.

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