Monday, February 20, 2012

The Suffolk Crossed Heels

Anytime I mention Anthropologie in front of any group of guys I'm inevitably told, "Man, girls are so obsessed with that store."  Well, fellas, there's no denying it.  They got the goods, and the key to my heart.  My latest obsession within the Anthro obsession has been a pair of heels: The Suffolk Crossed Heels by Schuler & Sons.  I've been shopping around for a comfy and stylish pair of heels for a few months, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been eyeing this pair for some time.
They aren't the cheapest pair of shoes you'll find, but at $168.00 they aren't the most expensive either.  Personally, I was won over by the handmade look, the clean, but still interesting silhouette, and the earthy, grey twill played against the camel-colored leather.  They look effortless and casual, but sophisticated enough for a formal outing.  I debated whether or not to go for the undeniably cute flats as they might be more practical, and flats tend to be my modus operandi.  However, I thought a great pair of heels is tougher to come by, so I ultimately opted for the extra inches.
I tried to find out more about Schuler & Sons which based in Pennsylvania.  The shoes have proven to be so well made and comfortable with their flexible soles and quality fabric and leather, that I had visions of taking a road-trip to S&S's PA headquarters to learn about their design process and manufacturing techniques.  However, I wasn't able to discern much from basic internet searching, so I'll have to investigate more in depth.  For now I'm taking my new heels for a spin.  Look to see me in them at my next Del-Reys show!

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