Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everyone's a Glamourpuss

I'll tell you one thing.  There is no shortage of gorgeous jewelry in this world.  Nevertheless, I can't help, but give a special nod to Lisa O'Neil, the artist behind the fantastic, vintage-made pieces of Glamourpuss Creations.  Over the last couple of years, I've fallen victim many times to the allure of what Lisa calls her line's, "modern fare with vintage flair."  All the jewelry is made from authentic vintage components, which gives many pieces a distinct air of Art Deco, and others a sexy, 70s edge.  All the pieces are tastefully modern and extremely wearable.
A couple of months ago, I was shopping for Christmas gifts at a winter craft fair in Brooklyn, when I ran into Lisa who was down from Massachusetts to sell her wares.  Considering I had been following her on Etsy for some time, I couldn't believe my luck.  It seemed only right to gift myself a pair of bracelets from her traveling collection.  One can't very well buck fate, can she?  One of the bracelets was very similar to the one above.   
Then, it happened again.  After having spent the last couple of months since my fateful run-in"favorite-ing" more Glamourpuss things here and there on Etsy, I once more took the bait.  Earlier this week I went for this Spinning Pendant Necklace pictured above.  I think it's pretty spectacular with its shiny, ginger bauble and contrasting metals.
I'm hard pressed to find anything in Lisa's shop I don't like.  It seems any piece you can shake a finger at is the sort of thing you could throw on and make whatever you were wearing suddenly sparkle.  Part of me wishes I would keep Lisa's work a secret all to myself, but I know she deserves the attention.  Besides, I know that as long as there is Glamourpuss Creations there will always be new things for me to love and admire.  Maybe this Snake Chain Tassel Necklace?!
To keep up with Lisa's constantly expanding jewelry line, check out her Glamourpuss Creations blog here!  

*All the photos from this post are from Glamourpuss Creations' Etsy shop.

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