Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saipua: A Flower Grows in Red Hook

My younger sister got engaged over the weekend.  (Congratulations Ale!)  And as part of her engagement, her fiance bought her flowers from her very favorite flower shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn- Saipua.  As my sister was once a professional florist herself, she knows a bit on the topic.  But you don't have to take her word for it.  You can see from Ale's engagement arrangement above that Saipua flower arranger and co-owner, Sarah Rhyanen, does a beautiful job of creating bouquets that feel precious and wild all at once.

At Saipua they have such a knack for picking the most enchanting blooms.  Anytime I have a little extra pocket change, I make sure to splurge on a few to breathe life into my little room.  If you don't have pocket change, don't fret.  Saipua has recently revived their Free Flower Fridays, which means you can actually win a free bloom delivery in Brooklyn or Manhattan by commenting on their gorgeous blog.  Doesn't get much better than that!
Besides lovely flower arrangements, Saipua also sells handmade soaps by Susan Rhyanen.  I personally thought the Winter Citrus bar looked particularly refreshing.  At $10 it is rather pricey, but I think once in awhile it's nice to treat yourself to a decadent pleasure such as a hand-crafted soap.  Think of how energizing a great shower can be!  Sometimes it's the little things that make the daily grind bearable.
If you don't live in Brooklyn or Manhattan and can't get to Saipua for a singular arrangement of your own, never fear.  Their soaps are available for sale on their website, so you can have a little taste of Saipua yet.

Is there a beautiful flower shop near you?  Feel free to share!

*Except for the first photo on the page, photos from this post were taken from Saipua's stunningly photographed blog and website.

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