Monday, December 3, 2012

Chandeliers Never Get Old, Only New Again

Inspiration chandelier: Gorgeous chandelier by Jennie Kay Snyder of Queen Decor
Available on Etsy

It's a multi-tasking time of year.  In addition to continuing my job search, keeping up the house, and shopping for Christmas gifts, I've also got projects, projects, and more projects on the mind.  Today I was reading Little Green Notebook and was so excited to see Jenny Komenda post a tutorial/description of her recent chandelier project. I highly recommend the post (and her blog!) as it's packed with great DIY information. As you can see from this photo below, her chandelier turned out amazingly.  Just like everything she touches!  

Jenny Komenda's Periwinkle DIY chandelier project
photo taken from Little Green Notebook

I have recently begun a chandelier project as well.  Well, at the moment I am still in the preparatory stages.  I found this chandelier, pictured below, on the street outside my apartment about 3 years ago.  Maybe it was even longer ago than that!  I thought the shape was fantastic, even though the pointy, old lady bulbs (which I already removed) were out of date, and the color and style need some sprucing up.  However, the shape of the chandelier was awesome and I knew there was something I could do with it.  I just needed the right home and the right inspiration.
My Brooklyn street find, pre-fix-up

Because I've gone from rental to rental over the years, and knew that I wouldn't be staying in any one place for too long, the chandelier lived in the corners of several closets just waiting for the right moment to rise like a phoenix. Well, at last that moment has arrived. This past summer I moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and since I know this home is one I will be in for a long time, I think the time has come to breathe new life into my street-find chandelier.

Soft white CFL bulb from GE
available on Amazon

My friend, Phil, who is an awesome lighting engineer at Roll & Hill has been giving me advice about this project. He's wonderfully talented and a great person to boot. When we last spoke about the chandelier we talked about the different bulbs I could use. I'm leaning towards modern, spherical bulbs similar to the ones Jenny Komenda used on her project. However, there are bunches of others out there that are also tempting. How rad are these diamond lights?!

Diamond Lights by Eric Therner
Available at Heartwork

Plumen bulbs by Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson for Areaware
Available at Switch Modern

Bulbright Nostalgic Edison Squirrel-Cage Style Bulb
available on 

The important thing I'm trying to keep in mind in selecting bulbs is that I want something soft that won't blind people when they walk into my studio. I'm after something warm and welcoming, but also fun!

Inspiration chandelier: Victorian Modern by Payge Stevens of Custom Payge
Available on Etsy

Inspiration chandelier: Four Arm Harp Chandelier
Available on Linens and Things

I'll update you when I've made more progress and post pictures as I begin to put the chandelier together. Meanwhile, check out another Little Green Notebook chandelier project. Jenny Komenda is truly a genius!

Have you tried a DIY chandelier project?  I would love to hear your tips and stories...


  1. Ooo, I love those modern colors. I think your space would look nice with a blue/green one. Also love that diamond bulb!!!

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