Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Wedding Series: Mignonne Handmade for Voláre!

Well, it's official.  My sister, Voláre, is getting married!  The wedding fever is running high, but only in the best of ways.  With her February wedding date around the corner, Volare has had me hooked on perusing beautiful wedding accessories for her on BHLDN and Etsy to go with her Nicole Miller dress.  Isn't it amazing?!  Swoon.

There are so many beautiful accessories out there and there's only so much Voláre can wear before looking like an over-decorated Christmas tree.  Thus, in order to satisfy our need to celebrate the plethora of sweet little treasures we've found, I thought I'd share some of our favorite findings in a new little wedding series.  Today's finds are headpieces by Mignonne Handmade from maker, Jennifer Wood.

Venetian Lace Cap Headband with Chenille Dot Netting

I am completely in love with Mignonne Handmade's headpieces.  I don't think the Venetian Lace Cap headband above would go with Volare's Art Deco-inspired dress, but I'd be lying if I said that this gorgeous handcrafted specimen doesn't send me into decadent daydreams of a lavish wedding dripping in Old World silks and littered with fancy guests in Venetian party masks!

Gunmetal Sequin and Rhinestone Headband

Personally, I think a simple headpiece would be best for a dress as elegant as Voláre's.  I would love to see her counterbalance its refined look with the tough-chic look of the Gunmetal Sequin and Rhinestone Headband above.  However, I don't think that's really her style.  I think something more like the Brass Flowers and Fresh Water Pearls Headband would be more her speed and would bring out the Grecian Goddess tones of the dress.  On the other hand, the Rhinestone Beaded Headband below might offer that air of antiquity without going overboard and overpowering the dress.

Brass Flowers and Fresh Water Pearls Headband

Rhinestone Beaded Headband

Voláre has toyed with the idea of having a veil, though she hasn't made a final call on that. I really love this Caramel Birdcage Veil with Tiny Silk Bow Detail. I's light, fun and modern, but still sophisticated and enduring. Plus, I think with her dress a short veil would make the most sense. You don't want to cover up all that awesomeness up!

Caramel Birdcage Veil with Tiny Silk Bow Detail

This next piece might be a stretch as a possibility, but because Voláre is such a fan of whimsy, I felt the need to highlight it. The Champagne Sequin Turban is definitely for the bold at heart. I'm not sure that I could pull off such an edgy, runway-type of look. However, Voláre loves to experiment, so if anyone could rock a sequin turban on her wedding day it's her. In reality, I think it's too much fabric for her specific dress and might steal too much attention. Still, that turban would be one badass bride move right there.

Champagne Sequin Turban

I think one great, solid contender could actually be the Ombre Blush Feather Headband. It's simple, but definitely has personality.  Besides, Voláre loves pink and I seem to remember her talking about getting a pink wedding dress at some point. Maybe the ombre headband would offer that ever-so-slight touch of pink she's been looking for! 

Let's be honest, though.  Mignonne Handmade's pieces are so tasteful and fanciful, it's hard not to covet them all.  I mean check out all of these beautiful pieces of artwork...

 Seen any great wedding headpieces lately?  Do share with us!

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  1. Gahhh I love them all!! Now I'm imagining all the ways I can do multiple "hair changes" during the evening :) hahah! If only...