Friday, April 6, 2012

Let Sophie Blackall Find Your Missed Connection

Although I am an adult, I refuse to ever give up my devotion to illustrated stories. Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found, if one of my favorites of the moment. Sophie is such a fantastic illustrator, and her book- a visual journey through the world of Craigslist's Missed Connections ads- is a heartfelt depiction of the search for love and relationships in this massive and sometimes alienating city. Her simply stylized illustrations paint beautifully fleshed out stories gleaned from the short, black and white pages of the classifieds. While I have my attractions to gloom and darkness just like the rest of the world, I think that seeing the warm glow and depth of such superficially pedestrian things as Craigslist is a pretty special ability, and I love that Sophie Blackall is able to do that. Just check out some of her inspiring excerpts. My favorites are the Bear Costume and the Music Girl and Boy. Can you help falling in love with these strangers yourself?

You can buy Missed Connections online, or in virtually any bookstore in NYC. I've seen it at all of my favorite shops- Book Court, Spoonbill, McNally Jackson, and more. Also, if you are an NYC resident, keep an eye out in the subways. You may have already seen Sophie's recent MTA poster- and my favorite of all of them- which you can also purchase from their website here.  

Plus, make sure you check out Sophie's Blog, and her Missed Connections Blog. They're both fantastic.

Have you searched for your missed connection today?...

*All illustrations in this post were by Sophie Blackall.

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