Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pull Up a Cup: Faith Adams Ceramics

Handcuff Blue Teacup and Saucer ~ Faith Adams Ceramics

I'm very ritualistic when it comes to my mornings. I like to get up, take Remy out, and then make myself some hot tea to get the day started. Because tea is so engrained in my daily routine, I always have an eye out for interesting teacups. I suppose I collect them. Of course, teacups serve so many great uses besides holding tea. They make stylish catchall vessels for coins, barrettes, paper clips, business cards, flower buds, the list goes on. Thanks to my cool teacup radar I discovered Faith Adams Ceramics. As soon as I laid eyes upon her Handcuff Blue Teacup and Saucer, I was in love. I adore its Chinese Blue contrast against the crisp white porcelain. Along with its finely shaped silhouette it gives the set a classic air. However, the handcuffs and beaded texture around the outside offset the classic with a little touch of S&M; The perfect modern matrimony. Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write... 

Porcelain Sage Green Praying Mantis Serving Bowl

Porcelain Emerald Green Starry Sky Beetle Bowl

Many of Faith Adams' pieces have a touch of subversion to them. Despite being delicately crafted and glazed in gauzy pastel tones, she likes to add a touch of something slightly unexpected. For example, how many people would really love the idea of finding a beetle in their cereal bowl? Everything strikes just the right balance though. Somehow the beetle looks happy in its home, and somehow I feel happy to have it there. It's how we are supposed to feel about nature, I think.

Porcelain Blue Bee Teacups

Porcelain Green Goldfish Plate

I love this Porcelain Green Goldfish Plate. Once again, I detect a slight Asian influence, but Faith clearly gives the ancient tradition her own personal spin. They would be a great set when paired with these Porcelain Green Sea Horse Small Plates.

Porcelain Green Sea Horse Small Plates

Porcelain Yellow Bee Small Plates

Porcelain Emerald Green Grasshopper Tiny Teapot

Since tea brought me to Faith Adams, I will use it to take me out of this porcelain daydream. Lately I've been finding my teacup obsession extending to teapots. Somehow I had managed to escape that infatuation, though, Clearly, not for long. Faith's Grasshopper Tiny Teapot seems like the perfect companion for a solo tea party. I'm also obsessed with the teal hue in her Morpho Butterfly Cup and Saucer. I want to splash it all over towels, candlesticks, necklaces, summer flats. It is such an inspiring color.

Porcelain China Blue Morpho Butterfly Cup and Saucer

To learn more about Faith Adams Ceramics, visit her Etsy shop. She has many more beautiful pieces in addition to what you see here: soy sauce dishes/chopsticks rests, necklaces, and more.  I love her signature, by the way. Such a cool font!

*All photos taken from Faith Adams Ceramics' Etsy shop.

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