Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fulbright Triptych on Full Display!

The Fulbright Triptych ~ Simon Dinnerstein

I am so happy to report that Simon Dinnerstein contacted me shortly after I wrote the post about Cousin Corinne's Reminder last week, which included some of my thoughts about his artwork, and specifically the wonderful three-paneled painting above- The Fulbright Triptych. He had some really lovely things to say, including the great news that The Fulbright Triptych's residency at the German Consulate in New York City has been extended until April 2014. Plenty of time for you to see the large-scale beauty in the flesh. There's more, but I will let you read his comments yourself...

Dear Alba:
Many thanks for your response to my painting, The Fulbright Triptych and to Cousin Corinne and the essay by Jhumpa Lahiri. 
I want you to know that the exhibit of my Triptych at the German Consulate has been extended until April 1, 2014.  The Consulate is open Mon. to Fri., 9-5 and they are located at 871 United Nations Plaza, First Avenue and 49th Street.  The painting is 14 feet in width and, though it reproduces well, should really be seen in person.  You can see more on this painting at:  http://www.simondinnerstein.com/news.html 
A book, The Suspension of Time, was published last year on The Fulbright Triptych.  It consists of 44 essays on the painting and is 360 pages long.  Book Court carries it. 
On my website, there are many paintings and drawings and also a chapter on prints:  http://www.simondinnerstein.com/prints.htmlThese are super fine prints and are moderately priced. 
Best regards,  

In addition to Triptych, Simon Dinnerstein has one other pieces currently being exhibited. Don't miss In Dreams Begin Responsibilities on display at the National Academy Museum.

Can't wait to see these two pieces, can you?! 

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