Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ben Venom's Poison Is Electrifying

Skullfly Quilt

Last night I took my first intro to quilting class. I learned a very basic paper piecing technique. Despite being very tedious and time consuming (I was only able to get half way through what I supposed to in the designated time), I fell in love with this patience-required art form. Inspired by last night's class, I have decided to pay tribute to one of my favorite quilters, Ben Venom

As his moniker suggests, Ben Venom creates brilliantly fiendish quilts out of heavy metal tee shirts. The results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. His craft is outstanding and his vision like none other, and together they melt into an intoxicating intersection of fine artistry and slasher culture. While I'm sure any metalhead would lust after these badass quilts, I think Ben Venom's work is universally appetizing. I am entranced by the "Skullfly Quilt" and "Don't Wake Me Lucifer" and would be lying if I said I didn't want to take one of them home. Check out his work for yourself. See if you don't find yourself drinking up his poison.

Don't Wake Me Lucifer

See You on the Other Side

Get a load of the handiwork on "See You on the Other Side."  Talk about meditative. The intricacies of this piece are mind-blowing.

Listen to Heavy Metal While You Sleep

Black Magic

I'm crazy about this lettering. It makes me wish Ben Venom could design t-shirts for my band, The Del-Reys. How would that be for up-cycling? Use band t-shirts to make more band t-shirts. Ha! 

White Magic

Raised by Wolves

Ben Venom's work is stunning all on its own, but it is so visually striking that I can see so many awesome applications for his work besides quilting. How cool would it be to see a mural of "Utopic Dreams/Dystopic Realities" emblazoned on the side of a building as you ride the train in and out of the city? The colors and textures in the eagle's head are incredible, and the theme seems appropriately thought-provoking for a New York City mural.

Utopic Dreams/Dystopic Realities

Thirsting for more Ben Venom? Check out his website, Ben Venom, for a wider gallery of his venomous works. Plus, visit his blog for updates on current projects and exhibitions.

Any thoughts you'd like to share? Conversation welcome!

Have a terribly awesome Wednesday!

*All images for this post were taken from Ben Venom's website or blog.


  1. If you scroll through his blog, it look like "See You in the Other Side" is actually huge...mural sized! Fascinating!