Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Record Debut, and That's a Wrap!

Getting make-up ready for my last night filming, The Clean-Up.

I'm completely exhausted today as I've been spending my nights for the past few days making a short film called, The Clean-Up, with a great cast and crew. We've been working 6:30pm-6:30am every night; a bit tough on the constitution! Nevertheless, it has been a blast and I'm really proud of all the work everyone has done to put this awesome project together.  

We wrapped this morning at 7am. Success!  I'd love to elaborate more on the subject, but I am seriously tuckered out.  The reverse schedule has my body all kinds of confused. In fact, I joked with my mom that it was as though we had all flown to Hong Kong to make this film, only without the 12 hour plane ride. Yeah, yeah. I'm a riot. Haha.

Before I sign off, there is one more huge piece of news: Today I've made my debut as a credited-singer-songwriter on the soundtrack album, Postales. The record officially dropped on the label, Colemine Records today! While I've been doing session recording for years now, from artists like Charles Bradley to Alicia Keys, this is the first time I am receiving songwriting credits, in addition to credit as a featured vocalist. So excited!!!  

This project has been years in the making, but I truly think it was worth the wait. The trailer for  Postales is above and you can hear our songs in the background. The trailer/film versions don't include my vocals, but if you buy the LP, you'll have all my songs plus all the other great tunes written by my Del-Reys bandmate, Mike Deller.

Okay, I'm off to re-gather my wits. However, if you want any more info on either The Clean-Up, or Postales, check out my InstagramTwitter, or Facebook page. I've been putting up stills and links to songs whenever possible. Hope you enjoy them!

Crew setting up the next shot while filming the dark comedy, The Clean-Up.

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