Thursday, April 18, 2013

Few of My Favorite Things

Glass Confetti Knob

I was home relaxing yesterday evening (still trying to take it easy from the last few sleepless nights), when soon enough I found myself happily sucked into an Urban Outfitters' rabbit hole.  It all started with that Glass Confetti Knob above. I saw it and immediately started picturing it on a little dresser rehab or bathroom towel hook project. Basically, from there it was history. I have to say, Urban Outfitters really does have some good, affordable finds, especially in the sale section.  Anyway, I came across so many things that I want, but can't have. I felt the only way to satisfy my consumerist desires was to share these little gems with you. You'll probably notice a color trend. I'm really into the breezy summer hues these days. Aren't you?!

Hanging Egg Planter

Casa Tissue Box Cover

Metal Accordion Side Table

Branch Curtain Tie Back

Caged Pendant Lamp

Hanging Nest Planter

Jewel Knob

Branch Curtain Tie Back

Woodland Twilights LED Nightlights

Zigazag Rug

Got your eye on any finds these days?

1 comment:

  1. Awesome finds. I especially like the plant holders and the animal lights.