Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Rug Hunt

Essentials from the Artistica collection, Amer Rugs

What a busy summer!  Lots of change has been happening over here career and otherwise, including a move to a wonderful new apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  In addition, The Collectionaire is in the midst of some awesome new updates that will allow me to share even more great finds daily.  Basically, it couldn't be farther from a lazy summer and the pace doesn't show any signs of slowing (nor the weather of cooling!)  However, I'm keeping my head by getting pumped about my exciting blank slate of an apartment.  Each room is oozing opportunity, and I'm at the ready to take on fun projects!  Today I'm on a hunt for rug inspiration for my living room. 

Handmade in India from New Zealand wool

The room is a large space, especially by New York standards, at about 15'x13'.  I've decided it needs a rug to warm up the wood floors and the other wood surfaces that, though beautiful and rife with character, are calling for a bit of texture to balance them out.  We all know rugs are expensive, particularly the really beautiful Persian or Turkish ones I love- one day I will have the money to get an authentic one!  But for today's budget, I've decided to go the DIY route and paint a cool print on a basic rope rug from Ikea.  Right now I'm in the inspiration stage.

Aguada Bhimgad Rug

As you can see, I'm really digging Ikat patterns.  I love the feeling that colors melt into each other.  I think the texture of the rope rug lends itself to the movement of ikat prints.  The Aguada Bhimgad is one of my favorites right now, although I do really like the neutral palette of this Oscar de la Renta one which I found browsing House Beautiful!

Oscar de La Renta for Elson & Company

These two rugs from Merrifield Oriental Rug, Inc. are gorgeous.  I think they might be a bit tough to recreate, but the colors are stunning.  The second one makes me think of a diffused Miro painting.

Merrifield Oriental Rug, Inc.

Merrifield Oriental Rug, Inc.

Speaking of art, I adore this Landry & Arcari rug.  It's almost as if music fell out of the air and into the loom!  I think it might be too busy for the living room, unfortunately.

Landry & Arcari Ikat Design Rug

This is actually a fabric from decorativethings.com not a rug, but I thought it would make a really great rug pattern!

decorativethings.com featured in Country Living

Black and white are always a dramatic choice without overwhelming the senses.  This would definitely make the photographs on the wall pop.

Mini Ikat from ABC Carpet & Home

What do you think?  Any favorites?

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