Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!

Since it's Mick Jagger's birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to post a little round up of awesome Mick-inspired design. After all, if there's anyone who is an expert at making a splash it's the Stones' outsized frontman. Check out all the ways you can take home even a little smidgen of the Mick Jagger renegade aesthetic.

Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger

Love this skull mug Mick is holding.  Now that's a goblet.  Take a cue from Mick and check out these cranial designs.  I'm love Social Anarchy Designs' Skull and Bones studs (currently on sale at!), and I can totally see the Porcelain Skulls' Beaver Skull next to a cool terrarium or on my mantle.

Skull and Bones studs by Social Anarchy Designs

Porcelain Beaver Skull with 16k Gold Luster Teeth by Porcelain Skulls

Mick Jagger's 1967 mugshot from the raid on Keith Richard's apartment.

Celebrity mugshots always have a seductive quality in our tabloid culture and Mick sat for his share like a proper bad boy. You can take home Sarah Chiarot's version (below), or you can dress your coffee table in the real thing and then some with Busted: Mug Shot and Arrest Records of the Famous and Infamous.

Mick Jagger Mugshot Illustration by Sarah Chiarot  pen and ink

Mick Jagger, 1966

Let's face it. Mick is nothing if not loud, flashy, fearless, and invariably stylish.  Check out this photo spread in Italian Vogue documenting his rock and roll panache.  If you're lacking a bit of flare in your life, never fear. I'm quite sure Mick would approve of this incredible wallpaper by Flat Vernacular which is currently on sale at  I feel confident, however, that he would feel the need to push the envelope and pair it with these pillows made from vintage fabric by Yuko Trading, and throw down this Rugsville Overdyed Turquoise Rug.  Topped off with a massive gilded mirror flanked by some over the top rococo sconces from eBay and I'm pretty sure Mick would give this look his stamp of rock and roll approval! Of course, incorporating just one of these design elements at a time would probably make any home pretty rad too.  ;)

Overdyed Turquoise Rug- Rugsville

Gilded Mirror- eBay

Vintage Rococo Gold Metal painted Wood Candle Sconces

Got any ideas for Jagger style? Happy Birthday Mick!!

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