Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Never Forget Cousin Corinne's Reminder

For my friend Cristina's birthday yesterday I gave her a copy of a semi-annual publication I have recently come to love: Cousin Corinne's Reminder. It's a hodge podge of pieces from all corners of the art world- prose, poetry, photography, fine art, and more. The most recent installment, "Issue Number Three," has (among many other great pieces from the likes of Emma Straub, and more) a gorgeous spread on fascinating artist Simon Dinnerstein's recently "discovered","The Fulbright Triptych," with an accompanying essay by Jhumpa Lahiri. I saw a postcard of Triptych about a year ago and became enthralled with the images and the stories they told. Upon seeing Lahiri's in-depth "Triptych" essay in Reminder, I knew I had to take it home. I'm glad I did. I have so enjoyed discovering everything in it. The publication does a great job of exploring a vast array of mediums and presenting a diverse, but talented group of artists within its pages. Best of all, it's only $14 an issue, and each issue is quite hefty.

I couldn't find excerpts to show you from Reminder. However, I did find these beautiful images of Simon Dinnerstein's "The Fulbright Triptych" as featured in "Issue Number Three."


I purchased my copies of Reminder at Book Court in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. However, I bet you can find it in most, if not all, bookstores in New York. Hopefully, elsewhere too. Otherwise you can subscribe via their website. It doesn't seem to be terribly updated, unfortunately, but you should be able to get ordering information. I love the cover photos they've used so far. Breathtaking images!

In case you are itching for more Simon Dinnerstein as I am, then I'll leave you with some more of his beautiful artwork. I'm so in love with his style. What I would give to tour his studio and see all of his pieces in the flesh! Luckily, on his website, you can read his personal reflections on his artwork. Such an unusual move for an artist, but as an aficionado I love this opportunity to peer into this thoughts.

Flower Market Rome, 1977-78 ~ Simon Dinnerstein
oil on canvas

Angela's Garden, 1970 ~ Simon Dinnerstein
burin engraving

Garfield Place, 1970 ~ Simon Dinnerstein

Polhemus Place, 1969 ~ Simon Dinnerstein
burin engraving

Monte Casino Daisies, 2002 ~ Simon Dinnerstein
oil on wood panel, plexiglass palette

Solaris, 2003 ~ Simon Dinnerstein
oil on plexiglass palette

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

*All images from this post were from Simon Dinnerstein's website, or Cousin Corinne's Reminder.

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