Friday, August 3, 2012

What's the Haps!: NYC Summer Streets

View of NYC Summer Streets 2011

Forget the Hamptons! Starting this weekend, you don't need to get out of the city for a fix of outdoor excitement. New York Summer Streets is back! For the next three Saturdays in August (4, 11, 18), New York pedestrians and cyclists will have Park Avenue from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge to themselves.

Between 7am-1pm, there will be tons of free activities up and down the avenue from free bike rides and helmets to a zip line and rock climbing wall, even Salsa and Bhangra dancing. If sitting back and relaxing is more your speed, well there will be massages too! See the extensive list of free activities here.

There are so many great events across the city in the summer that I've always missed this one, but this year I refuse to miss the zip line. Can't wait to get out there and join my city neighbors on the street!

*Photos are all from the Summer Streets Facebook page.

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  1. Nice idea! This is similar to the "Via Recreactiva" in Guadalajara. Some main avenues are closed for pedestrians & cyclists on Sundays. There are also places where bikes can be repaired for free. It is also a great idea for small towns. My town is small, but we cannot bike across because there is not a complete bike route.